Han Dynasty Achievements

Han Dynasty Seismograph.jpgThe Han dynasty ruled for more than 400 years. Therefore, it left a lasting legacy in China and on the world as a whole. This dynasty was characterized achievements that have had a great impact on the world. The Han Dynasty brought China to new heights militarily, politically, and socially.

Technological Advancements

The Han Dynasty created irrigation and water conservation projects to increase farming. Technological advancements in manufacturing farming tools contributed largely to agricultural revenues that assisted in boosting the Han economy. In addition, more programs were commissioned in order to increase farming efficiency.

Books and Paper

Another major achievement of the Han Dynasty was the invention of books and paper. Original paper was coarse, had an uneven texture, and it was thick. The new paper invented during this time period was made from disintegrated and pounded hemp fibers. It was lighter, cheaper, more durable and even thinner, which made it better for writing.

Before the invention of paper, records were usually written on wooden strips, bamboo, or on solid objects. Thus, after the invention of paper, records could now be written, stored, and retained more easily.

Education and Teaching

Other achievements that occurred while the Han dynasty was ruling was the installation of a state academy which was to educate and even train individual for state services.

The Han emperors usually used a civil service examination to choose officials. The examination stressed the teachings of Confucius and promotion was based on merit. These teachings are still being used to this day.

Various Other Achievements

Some of the other achievements of the Han Dynasty include poems, ink, and a sundial. Prose writers and poets developed a clear style which is very synonymous throughout much of Chinese literature. Under the Han dynasty, China produced significant works of medicine, history, politics and philosophy. Artists produced large stone carvings, glazed pottery, exquisite lacquer work and bronze vales.